Behran Trading Company started its activities in 1373 under the auspices of Behran Oil Company with the aim of managing and supervising fuel supply stations as well as capillary distribution of the company’s products. At present, an average of 34,000 vehicles stop at the company’s stations every day and use the parking services of Behran Oil Company. Since its establishment, the company has distributed about 2% of the country’s fuel in owned and branded stations located in the provinces of Tehran, East Azerbaijan, Ardabil, North Khorasan, Alborz, Mazandaran, Ilam and Golestan and is currently the largest station holder. In the private sector, based on the standards of Behran Oil Company, it tries to take new steps in the field of quality improvement in this industry.

Considering a quarter of a century of experience in the field of fuel distribution, in 2016, with the beginning of the fuel chain distribution project in the form of a brand, Behran Trading Company with Behran brand developed its activity and its readiness to cover stations. The private company announced the Behran brand and in the first phase, it has put on the agenda a program to offer royalties up to 100 non-property positions.

Another of the main missions of this company is the direct supply of Behran Oil Company’s product portfolio in the form of capillary and internet sales in metropolitan cities. Has been covered and it is hoped that in the coming years, it will cover most of the country’s metropolises through this distribution network.

Company goals

Providing distinctive services and creating quality standards in positioning services and creating the largest distribution and sales network of various petroleum products.

Company mission

Behran Trading Company, with its experienced and responsible staff and using the latest knowledge and technology in the field of distribution and supply of various petroleum products through fuel supply stations and capillary distribution network of lubricants, is trying to meet all customer needs. Meet.


Our goal is to gain increasing credit and satisfaction of customers by creating different fuel supply stations and in line with international standards under the name of Behran inside and outside Iran.

Organizational slogan

Let our secretary become a drop in the ocean