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Our visitors in the cities of Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kermanshah and Ahvaz are always ready to accept your request

Product Authenticity

This company delivers products to its customers without any intermediary from Behran Oil Co.

Capillary distribution network of Behran products

The capillary distribution network of Behran Trading Company is active in the cities of Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kermanshah and Ahvaz and is expanding day by day.

Latest news and announcements

Ahwaz capillary sales center was opened

Behran Trading Company, with the help of the divine portal and the unwavering assistance of Mr. Mohandes Azizi (CEO of Behran Oil Company) as well as the Foundation of the Oppressed of the Islamic Revolution, set up a capillary sales center for Behran Oil Company products in Ahvaz. Took delivery. This sales center, whose warehouse…

Holding the assembly of Behran Trading Company

Today, on 1400/3/24, the meeting of Behran Trading Company was held. This meeting was held in the presence of the CEO of Behran Trading Company and some other managers and supervisors, as well as the esteemed members of the board of directors of Behran Trading Company, in the meeting hall of Behran Oil Company.

Hiring a visitor for Ahvaz

Behran Trading Company (Private Joint Stock Company), in order to provide part of its required manpower in the city of Ahvaz from specialized, committed and motivated people through public, specialized interviews and health assessment in the form of a fixed-term employment contract with the following conditions Cooperates. General conditions: 1- Religious to the religion of…

Adding a glass washer to the distribution

With the addition of Tekran glass washer to the distribution basket of Behran Trading Company, the sales basket of the company’s products became more complete. The new product of TabChem glass washer, which was produced in a container designed by Mercedes-Benz Model 170S, built in 1950, this week and was delivered to Behran Trading Company…

Renewal of Customer Satisfaction Certificates

Once again, we were able to take an important step towards further success in serving our valued customers by renewing ISO 10002 and ISO 10004 customer satisfaction certificates. Since this company has activities and direct relations with consumers both in the field of fuel and in the field of distribution of automotive products, so it…

Join the broadcast community

Behran Trading Company (BTC) became a member of the Iranian Broadcasting Industry Association. Following the diligent efforts of the staff of Behran Trading Company, finally Behran Trading Company (BTC) succeeded in obtaining the membership certificate of the Iranian Broadcasting Industry Association. Congratulations to the large Behran family on this important achievement, which will pave the way…

Obtaining a license to distribute goods

Behran Trading Company with the aim of transparency and monitoring of goods in its distribution network in the cities of Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan and Kermanshah by the Goods Distribution Management Organization, which is a subset of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, has obtained a distribution license from this organization. Is. It should be…

New products are on the way

Only two weeks after the introduction of the latest quality level of gasoline engine oil in the world called SP by the American Petroleum Institute API, Behran Oil Company was able to produce engine oil with API-SP quality level and viscosities of 0W-16, 5w-16, Formulate 0w-20 and 5w-30. This group of new products of Behran Oil…


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Brand Gas Stations

Behran Oil Company is the first and largest fuel brand in the country


Daryakenar Gas Station

In the city of Babolsar Behran has a place with a distinguished degree


Tabriz Gas Stations

This company has three premium locations in Tabriz city


Tehran Gas Stations

This company has 5 premium locations in Tehran